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1st Mid-Time Post

Project Update

Every sound project needs a solid foundation, and that's exactly what the partners have been building in these first few months. After branding GoGreen and creating a dissemination strategy, it was time to design the structure of the courses and guides that will help local authorities, small organisations and consultants to effectively implement EU Green Deal policies at local level.

So we meet again… in Zoersel!

The second partners meeting for the GoGreen Project took place in Zoersel, Belgium, last month. Over two days, decisions were made regarding the content and data needed for the Intellectual Outputs of the project, their timelines for delivery, and the upcoming Training Event - which will take place next April in Cyprus.

Zoersel's commitment to the creation of structures and policies for smooth mobility allowed that all the dislocations within the city were made by foot or bicycle. It was also on two wheels that the hosts took the visiting partners to discover examples of some amazing local projects to promote sustainability and enhance biodiversity, as well as cultural experiences that made the delight of the consortium.

Thank you to our Belgian partners for your wonderful hospitality. To quote the sustainability slogan of your town:

"Van klimaat ambitie naar klimaat succes"

"Turning climate ambition into climate success"

The hosts point of view

A visit from Europeans active with climate policy in their own municipality is certainly interesting. It is certainly rewarding to engage in conversation and hear them talk about other approaches and methods. The limited time only allowed me to engage in substantive discussions with two partners (Cyprus and Lousada). A different context but also similar problems and approaches.

I find it enriching for us and hope you feel the same way.”

Liesbeth Verstreken


For me it was a first, pleasant introduction to our partners in the project. During a short tour by bike along a number of actions in different fields (including mobility, nature, circular economy) that Zoersel is currently working on, they showed great interest. It is clear that our partners are enthusiastic about the project and have the necessary expertise. So all the elements are in place to make a great story of the GoGreen project.”

Marc de Cordt

Deputy mayor


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